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Voltron Rangers by chico-robot Voltron Rangers :iconchico-robot:chico-robot 41 11 pixie cut by TriBecki pixie cut :icontribecki:TriBecki 11 0 Pidge by ShyanScifo Pidge :iconshyanscifo:ShyanScifo 3 0 The first time I saw you by TheULTImateAngel The first time I saw you :icontheultimateangel:TheULTImateAngel 8 0
Pidge x Reader - Forbidden
(If you have a problem with the strictly romantic relationship between a fourteen year old and and eighteen year old, this is not the story for you. Also, female reader.)
        You knew you really shouldn’t have done it, but you had fallen for your boyfriend’s younger sister regardless. Of course, Matt and you were only ‘dating’ so that your parents wouldn’t get on either of you for being gay. You didn’t think that it would be too hard since the two of you hung out 24/7 anyway, but when you met Katie, you knew it would be.
        The young girl was twelve, and you were sixteen when you met, but your heart didn’t care, and Katie acted so much older than her years. She was perfection. Her snark and sass was enough to rival your own and she was way smarter than you were. You had never been one to excessively praise, but you really wanted to raise little Katie on a p
:iconmelynie:Melynie 16 3
Pidge x Reader - Forever and Some
        "Pidge, I need your help!" You attacked your best friend from behind, wrapping your arms around them. You were pouting.
        "What is it this time, [y/n]?" They were playing their 3DS during lunch at your guy's high school.
        "My brother won't let me go to a movie with you this weekend." The two of you had been planning to go out to see that new nerdy movie, but even though Shiro knew about it, he still wouldn't let you go.
        "Did you tell him it was me, or did you call me 'your friend' again?" You thought about it.
        "Oh. I'm not sure?" You pulled out your phone to text your 'dad.' Your parents had died in an accident a few years prior, and since then you had been under your brother's care. Shiro was pretty much your dad, so you'd call him that to annoy him. A
:iconmelynie:Melynie 33 0
It Doesn't Matter - Pidge x Reader
A/N: Just so you know, I am aware Pidge is not a boy but pronouns used are important to the story! If you read to the end it will make more sense. Enjoy!
You’ve been working with the Voltron paladins ever since you helped them with some mechanical stuff. You were good with technology and mechanics so when the team (specifically Pidge and Hunk) asked if you wanted to help out with the science, you were thrilled. Of course, part of the reason why they asked is because you hung out with them when you were in school, otherwise you wouldn’t have been noticed.
Out of all of them, you liked Pidge the most. He too liked science and mechanics, and you were always intrigued by the cool gadgets he created and smart things he said. You actually had a crush on him, but you wouldn’t tell anyone.
Speaking of Pidge, he was on the floor building something while you watched from his bed. No one else was there, and part of you wanted to use this opportunity to confess your feelings. The
:iconlivthekitten:livthekitten 39 0
You're Safe - Pidge x Reader
Just a quick warning, this contains a scene with sexual harassment from the reader's ex boyfriend, so if you're sensitive to that subject I suggest you don't read this.

You felt as if you ruled the bar.
A year beforehand a couple of your acquaintances decided to start a cover band, Reverie, and asked of you to be the lead vocalist. They explained that though they didn’t know you very well, they heard your solo during a choir concert at your college and had to have you join. Flattered, you accepted with enthusiasm. Now, after hosting shows where no one showed up, intense practice sessions, and many tears, you were performing at the most popular bar in the city.
You danced around the stage, a grin stuck on your face as you sang. Everyone's attention was on you, watching intensely as the band performed. It was nerve-wracking, but gave you an adrenaline rush that made up for it. It was a buzz like nothing else, though it also made you want to do some serious parkour. Y
:iconnativetohell:nativetohell 61 3
(Voltron) Pidge Gunderson X Fem!Reader|| Secrets
(Voltron) Pidge X Fem!Reader|| Secrets
   Pidge had been a bit off. At least that's what (Name) and the others had noticed. Whenever she would walk in the room Pidge would ignore her and when she'd try to talk to him, Pidge's face would turn red and he'd make an excuse to leave. 
     So a bit might have been an understatement. Pidge was acting ridiculously strange.
    “Do you think something's wrong with Pidge?” (Name) asked Hunk. It was dinner time and Pidge was no where to be seen.
    Hunk chewed the food in his mouth. “Ya know, (Name), now that you mention it he kinda has.” He finished and took another bite of his food. 
    “I just wish I knew what it was.” She said thoughtfully as she picked at her food. (Name) and Pidge had grown to be close friends since she first met everyone. Pidge was actually the one who suggested that (Name) joined them. The two h
:iconan-average-writer:An-average-writer 71 8
Feederism! 2p England x Chubby Reader
Taste Tester
Feeder! 2p England x Gainer! Chubby Reader
~Warnings: Contains themes of stuffing/feeding~

You sighed as you walked down the bustling streets, trying to find a restaurant to eat dinner at. As a college student, you did not have much time or money to make home cooked meals. Often you would stop at fast food restaurants or purchase bulks of junk food to take home. However, on this particular day you were craving something sweet.
While on your mission to fill your stomach you came across this small, though homely, looking bakery. Your (E/C) orbs scanned over the pastries and sweets on display through the glass window before decided to enter. 
You opened the door to the bakery and was immediately greeted with warmth and the scent of vanilla. As you walked to the counter, your eyes began to scan the menu that consisted of anything and everything sweet and tasty. You were soon brought back to reality by the cheerful greeting of a British accent, "He
:iconchub-reader-inserts:Chub-reader-inserts 23 6
You again? by Lucy-tan You again? :iconlucy-tan:Lucy-tan 509 64 Star Butterfly by diligi Star Butterfly :icondiligi:diligi 22 0 Cold by CreatorKami Cold :iconcreatorkami:CreatorKami 7 12 Kanto  Johto main characters by Kikaigaku Kanto Johto main characters :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 490 21 Random Fandom School by Kikaigaku Random Fandom School :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 776 87 Definitely a big cat by Kikaigaku Definitely a big cat :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 723 22



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